Hacking with Social media

Why social media?


According to Socialbakers, there is a high correlations between social media interactions and total visits. It is important to emphasize social media platforms as part of your customers acquisition and engagement strategy.

The first step to hacking growth well with social media starts with understanding the difference between a B2C business or B2B one. For the former, facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat would be low hanging fruits. However, for the latter, it depends. Usually blogging, linkedin and twitter work but often, you will need to combine elements such as email as well as offline marketing to work the charm.

On most social media platforms, the prospective customer is just browsing and chilling, looking for something of interest or relevant to their hobbies or something that they need to buy. Hence, social media, despite its wide reach, cater mainly to B2C businesses.

Social media, which is usually at this very beginning of the sales funnel, can work well when you are looking to create awareness for your product. The customer is not consciously looking for your product yet. Hence, it is important to be clear about your objective. Facebook has adapted its interface to help clients to achieve their goals more specifically.

facebook ads.png

Best Practices

For any social media post, it needs to be aligned with the objective and be specific to the audience’s interests. On social media, colorful pictures help to stand out and be clear with the call-to-action. For me, I love to post food of what I cooked, used to work in co-working spaces and purchased online courses online and here are what I see and what I am likely to click on.

Freebies for “recipiration”

One of the best marketing tactics of all time — reciprocation. Humans are found to be reciprocal in nature, so giving them freebies would make at least some of them feel “obliged” to give back. Hence, giving away freebies is a tried and tested social media hack, though often at a cost. Free shirt, free samples are commonly used. It is not just providing the hook but also what you do with the sign ups. Make sure you sign them up for newsletters/ promotions and after they claim the gift, immediately sell them something specific, at an irresistible price, as according to research, the chance of getting a sale is highest then.


According to Socialbakers, posting videos natively provides much higher engagement. It is more effective to upload the video directly on the social network, for eg. Facebook. “That’s because Facebook videos represent only 5% of all posted content, but get disproportionately high engagement.”

Another useful tip is to include dialogue right at the beginning of a video. Socialbakers found that “if people want to hear what’s being said, they’ll click for sound – and video churn rates show that viewers who make it past the first 5% of a video will be much more likely to make it through the rest.”

And ensure that you have switched on the retargeting tool (check out Criteo.com) when you advertise on social media, so that the customer is reminded of your product on other sites that they surf, so as to increase the possibility conversion.

whatsapp Last but not least, I recommend sharing the link to your product or site or even picture to your friends on facebook, linkedin and whatsapp. They are usually your best supporters and can help you spread the word. Start the conversation with a sincere how are you and share about your product/business when they ask how are you or what you’re up to. Be sure to add a call-to-action like Like my page or do this survey for best results.

Do comment below with questions or feedback! Appreciate it.

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